Concepts at Play

Strengthen standards-based lessons! Effectively address multiple intelligences! These action-packed 10-day residencies physically explore complex concepts and engage students' creativity as well as collaborative skills. Assessment has also shown vocabulary retention increases from 35% to 85%. Supports Project Based Learning and is aligned with California State Standards, including the Common Core.

Playing with Science Gr. K–6
Make learning science vocabulary and concepts fun! Tailor any science unit. Theatre integration animates plate tectonics or choreographs cumulonimbus clouds or the delightful detailed diagram of a snail—the possibilities are endless.

Playing with Poetry Gr. K–8
Our Teaching Artists apply imaginative play to language arts. With theatre games and exercises, students increase writing skills and their love of language.



Theatre for English Language Learners: TELL Project Gr. K–8
Strengthens linguistically diverse students' courage to speak and write in English. Using theatre games and activities students engage their imaginations, expand vocabulary, and express understanding.

For more information or to bring Concepts at Play to your school, contact Katie Bartholomew, Associate Education Director, at 650.463.7154 or