There are many ways to give to TheatreWorks

We invite you to choose the way that is most meaningful for you.


Whether you would like to donate cash or stock, honor a loved one, or host a reception in your home, we appreciate your generosity.


In Honor



By Phone

By Mail


Make a Tribute Gift

Just as TheatreWorks celebrates the human spirit, a gift to TheatreWorks in honor or memory of a loved one is a wonderful way to celebrate the achievements of someone special. When you honor a deceased loved one, friend, or colleague with a tribute gift, TheatreWorks will send you a tax-deductible gift receipt and send a card to the bereaved family.


In-kind gifts are as valuable as cash to TheatreWorks and are also fully tax-deductible. Based on the value of your contribution, you will also receive giving rewards for the level of your in-kind gift. 

  • volunteers and interns
  • guest housing for visiting artists
  • airfare or airline miles for visiting artists
  • cars, trucks, and vans
  • event and entertainment venues, including private homes
  • catering and restaurant services for special events
  • wine, champagne, and cocktail supplies for special events
  • hotel accommodations in New York and other destinations
  • one-of-a-kind experiences and opportunities for auction fundraisers
  • vintage costumes from the 1940s or earlier (in good condition)
  • office chairs
  • office supplies (copy paper, pens, etc.)
  • heavy-duty letter folding machine
  • production-quality lighting, sound, and video equipment
  • industrial storage unit or warehouse space (2400 cubic feet or larger)
  • walk-behind forklift
  • contractor overruns of lumber and other building supplies
  • Macbook computers for youth programs


Setting up a recurring gift is easy!

Simply contact to arrange a monthly pledge.

by phone

TheatreWorks Development Department

by Mail

TheatreWorks Development Department

P.O. Box 50458, Palo Alto, CA 94303-0458


Reduce your capital gains taxes by gifting a highly-appreciated security at its present market value to TheatreWorks. Simply contact us with the name of the stock you’re transferring and the number of shares you wish to donate. Providing this information in advance assures that we can track the process and provide information that you’ll need for your tax return.

To advise your broker to transfer the securities from your account to TheatreWorks, please contact our authorized broker:
  • Ms. Hilary P. Jones, Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch
  • 333 Middlefield Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025
  • 650.473.7833 direct
  • 650.443.7800 fax

DTC #: 8862 (for electronic transfers)

Account number: 268-07M90

Account title: TheatreWorks

Contact the Development Department at 650.463.7169 or for more information.

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  • Friends Circle

    • Advocate $1000-$1499
    • Ally $500-$999
    • Patron $50-$499
  • inner circle

    • Director $6500-$9999
    • Associate Director $3500-$6499
    • Assistant Director $1500-$3499
  • producers

    • Visonary $50,000+
    • Executive Producer $25000-$49,999
    • Producer $10,000-$24,999
  • Tickets

  • Donations

  • Funding

Support Arts Engagement

You can make a difference!

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