Prop rentals

Select from our wide-ranging props collections for your next production!

Props rentals are located at: 

37886 Filbert Street
Newark, CA 94560

To make an appointment to pull or return props, please contact our Properties Stock Manager, Wallace Yan, at or 650.463.7180.

We have a very large stock that ranges from antique to contemporary furniture, appliances, and hand props, some of which can be seen HERE.

Prop rentals are by appointment only. We cannot accept walk-in appointments. We appreciate at least 48 hours notice when requesting appointments. Prop Rentals are typically open for appointments Monday through Friday from 10 am until 4 pm. Prop Rental hours are subject to cancellation without notice due to in-house production demands.

For prop-related emergencies, contact our Properties Director, Christopher Fitzer, at

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can rent from TheatreWorks Prop Rentals?

The TheatreWorks Props Department makes its stock available for rentals to the local theatre community, schools, film production companies, and other professional organizations. We cannot accommodate individual rentals at this time. We do not rent for parties, weddings, or other special events.

What can I rent from TheatreWorks Prop Rentals?

We have a very large stock that ranges from antique to contemporary furniture, appliances, and hand props, some of which can be seen in this album.

We do NOT rent weapons, loose floral items, dish or glass sets, or irreplaceable items.

How much do rentals cost?

All rentals come with a $25 pull fee per 45-minute rental appointment. If your rental exceeds 45 minutes, you will be charged for two rental sessions.

Our per-piece fees range from $5 for small hand props to $200 for antique furniture. We are able to make accommodations for small-budget productions at the discretion of the TheatreWorks Properties Manager. A security deposit is required in the amount of at least half the replacement value of the items rented. It will only be retained in the event of extreme damage, late return, or failure to observe the rental contract conditions.

The rental fee and deposit are due at the time of the rental. We accept Visa, MasterCard, or American Express as well as personal checks.

Do I need to make an appointment to rent or return props?

A confirmed appointment is required to rent and return props. We will not rent without an appointment; if you return a rental without notice or confirmation, we may retain your deposit.

We appreciate a minimum of 48 hours notice for appointments, and rental hours are subject to cancellation due to in-house production demands.

For a rental appointment, please contact

Can I rent props when I come for my costume rental appointment?

The costume shop and prop shop are located in separate facilities in separate cities. You must make a separate appointment for prop and costume rentals.

The TheatreWorks Prop Shop is located at 37886 Filbert St., Newark, CA 94560.

How is the actual rental process handled?

You will be expected to pull your own props, accompanied at all times by a Props Department staff person or volunteer. If you are renting furniture or other large items, you will need to have enough people with you to move and load these items.

You are expected to have your own rope, straps, and packing material to move our prop undamaged.

You will pay a rental fee, provide a deposit, and sign a rental form with an itemized list of props with notes as to condition and permissible alterations.

Can I paint, upholster, or otherwise alter a rented prop?

You may only alter a rented prop with the written permission of the TheatreWorks Properties Manager, given in advance on the rental form.

Rental Form
To ensure your rental can be fulfilled, please fill out this form.