TheatreWorks Mission & Values

Our work celebrates the human spirit through innovative productions, new works, and education programs inspired by and engaging our diverse Silicon Valley community. 


TheatreWorks is an artistic community of excellence and integrity, committed to dramatic and musical theatre of outstanding professional quality. Embracing the creation of new works, the reinvigoration of the classics, and the arts education of new generations, our work exemplifies our region’s values of inclusion and innovation while providing a sense of place and community. The San Francisco Bay Area is the prototype of an evolving America of ever-increasing diversity. As we explore this changing world, our art must enhance the American theatre with new vision, revealing both who we are and what we might become.

Core Values


 We are committed to becoming an inclusive and anti-racist organization where everyone can thrive. We are committed to identifying and eliminating racism (both internally and externally) by changing systems, organizational structures, decision-making, policies, practices and attitudes, so that power is redistributed and shared equitably. We acknowledge that we make art on the traditional territory and unceded homeland of the Ramaytush Ohlone peoples and are committed to dismantling ongoing legacies of settler colonialism. 

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility

 The moral imperative that drives our commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility is the transformational power of art, made possible when true inclusion is realized, when a diversity of perspectives and experiences is respected and embraced, and when oppressive systems are collectively dismantled—leading to better art, more supportive and welcoming workplaces and public facing environments, and improved outcomes for all. 

Do and Bring Our Best Selves

 We take pride in bringing the best possible version of ourselves to our work—on our stages, in our workspaces, in the schools, and across our community—with joy-filled rigor. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in what we create, in our personal relationships, in our individual expertise, and in our interactions with an ever-expanding range of stakeholders. 


 As a leading performing arts organization in our region, we place a high emphasis on our service and partnership with the varied and diverse communities that are intertwined throughout the Silicon Valley area. Beyond our geographic region, we also serve the larger theatre community. We believe in the power of theatre to bridge divides, engender conversation and empathy, and build community. 


 We believe that a respectful and creative environment of diverse voices and perspectives are central to discovering the most exciting choices. Working cooperatively with each other toward common goals builds a stronger, more interconnected team and empowers us as individuals to share our best work. 

Innovation and Learning

We value continuous evolution of ourselves, our art form, and our community. We are open to change, surprise, risk, and the best ideas. We are invested in all who engage and collaborate in our work—artists, audiences, staff, students, teachers, volunteers, donors, and the community as a whole. Embracing the ideals of creativity, experimentation, and risk-taking which are central to our Silicon Valley home, TheatreWorks is a crucible for the “new” in our artform—new methods of storytelling, new approaches to community building, new concepts for learning, new visions for the integration of live performance and technology, new voices, and new ideas. 

Organizational Sustainability

We acknowledge that our resources are both economic and human, and we need to invest in both to create a truly sustainable company. We commit to responsibly balancing available resources with the programmatic needs necessary to serve our region for generations to come.

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