TheatreWorks Community Agreement

TheatreWorks is an inclusive organization that welcomes the mosaic of global cultures, perspectives, and people that embody the Bay Area and beyond. This welcome is reflected in the stories we tell, the artists we engage with, our staff, our board of trustees, our volunteers, and YOU, our audiences.


To ensure that our theatres are welcoming spaces for all, the TheatreWorks community agrees to:


  • Laugh out loud, gasp, weep—whatever the art moves you to do! As audience members, you contribute to the energy in the room. Don’t be afraid to react! Your participation is part of the magic of live theatre, and makes every performance unique.

  • Carry your experiences out into the world with you. The themes and ideas brought to life onstage don’t vanish when you exit the theatre. We hope these stories will move you to continue the conversations they raise, whether it’s by attending our post show events, engaging on social media, or taking action in your community in response to what you saw.


  • Recognize that there is value both in seeing yourself reflected onstage, and in exploring new perspectives. Sometimes, the characters we meet feel like old friends, their stories aligned with our own life experiences. Other times, the story unfolding onstage may seem worlds away from anything that is familiar. We value both of these experiences.

  • There is no right or wrong way to engage. Keep in mind that how each of us respond to the work onstage is impacted by our lived experiences. The person next to you may react differently, and that’s okay.


  • Treat everyone you encounter the way you want to be treated—everyone from patron services representatives and volunteer ushers to your fellow audience members and the artists themselves.

  • If an artistic choice surprised or challenged you, consider the work and intent behind it. We welcome all conversations that stems from a place of kindness and open-heartedness.

  • Please be mindful of our policies. Follow TheatreWorks’ current health and safety protocols. Turn off your cell phone before the play begins. Do not take photos or recordings during the show, and if you photograph the stage beforehand, please credit the designers.