This past August, we launched a critical fundraising campaign, “Save TheatreWorks Now,” to raise $3 million by November 30, 2023 in order to continue operations and present our upcoming season. The financial shortfall is attributable to the devastating after-effects of the COVID pandemic, which saw audience attendance decline at live theatre productions across the country. Reaching our $3 million goal will enable us to solidify contracts to actors, directors, and designers for the remainder of the season, scheduled to run through June 2024 at the Lucie Stern Theatre in Palo Alto, and the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts.

Thank you to our current campaign donors!

Campaign Update — We're now at 95% of our $3M goal!

November 14, 2023

We’re thrilled to share that we have received $2.84 million in donations and pledges, reaching 95% of the $3 million needed by the end of November. 

Can we count on you to lend a hand?

Here’s how you can help:

DONATE TO THEATREWORKS. We’re calling for donations big and small to help support us during this unprecedented crisis. If you have already donated, please consider doubling your gift. Gifts of stock are welcome!

Checks can be mailed to:

TheatreWorks Silicon Valley
P.O. Box 50458
Palo Alto, CA 94303-0458

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR 53rd SEASON. The best way to save TheatreWorks is to see a show at the theatre. For as little as $132, you can see all 6 shows in our season. That’s only $22 per show—a real bargain! If you’re already subscribed, we invite you to double down and purchase more subscriptions to bring your friends and family—or donate the tickets back to us so we can fill those seats with students and members of underserved communities.


From its earliest days, the company has been a leader in supporting playwrights and composers, and now enjoys a national reputation as one of the country’s foremost homes for nurturing new work. More than that, TheatreWorks has been a place for all members of its vibrant community, engaging and reflecting back its rich diversity. Education has also been a hallmark of TheatreWorks’ thriving community, with robust school programs that brought young people into the theatre through student matinees, brought topical plays and accompanying study guides into the schools, and offered winter break and summer classes for youth. We need to pull out all the stops to ensure we can continue this work and look to grow, as we increase community partnerships with other arts organizations such as Montalvo Arts Center, with Silicon Valley innovators, and others. 

When COVID shut down theatres everywhere, our industry was decimated. We have struggled for the last three years to restore operations, but a slow return of audiences has led to unexpected and substantial shortfalls in TheatreWorks’ subscription and single ticket revenues. We have been and continue to make hard decisions, including deep financial cuts within the company.

Now we need help from TheatreWorks supporters like you. We’re calling on your compassion and your love of the arts to help us raise the funds needed to continue operations past this November. 


Donations as of 11.15.23

Emika Abe
Sally Abel
Suzanne Abel
Michael Abkin
Dave Abrams
Jim & Marian Adams
Laura Adams
Joy Addison
Ian Aitchison
Rena Alisa & Bob Phelan
Jeannette Allen & Joel Bredahl
Susan S. Allen
Dr. Edward Anderson
Martha J. Anderson
Jessica Andrews
Leslie and Richard Andrews
Susan Apfelberg
Keith & Iris Archuleta
Valerie Armento
K. Arnold
Gary & Frances Aron
Andrew Arrow
Sharon Ashley and Ralph Miller
Judy Atterholt
Carol Bacchetti
Patricia Baggese
Ms. JoAnne Baker
Char Balanesi
Amy Balsom
Shelia Bammann
Lynore Banchoff
James Bangsund
Michael Barakiva
Sandy Bardas
Susan A. Barkan
Carol Barriger
Karen Bartholomew
Joel & Wendy Bartlett
Brigid Barton & Orrin Robinson
Kristin Bass
Jim Bassett & Lily Hurlimann
Toni Bassett
Dale F. Bates
Anne & Buz Battle
Barbara Bayha
Leon & Margaret Beeler
William O. Beeman
Budd & Barbara Bennigson
Marianne Berkovich
Al & Liz Bernal
Donna Bestock
Randi and Larry Bethel
Mahesh Bhumralkar
Charlotte & David Biegelsen
Erik Bielefeldt
Jessica Bird
Susan Blau
Richard Blish and Marian Devine
Gerry Blunt & Stephens Williams
Terry Boero
Tim Bond & Nancy Seward
Laurie Bonilla & Ed Perry
Pat Boomer
Cheryl Booton & Robert Mannell
Elizabeth Bordelon
Lisa Bourgeault
Karen Boyd
Suzanne Bradbeer
Pierce Peter Brandt
Michael & Leslie Braun
Karin Bredfeldt
Polly Bredt
Susan & Daniel Bremond
James B. Brennock
Michael J. Bresler
Patricia Brett
Terese Briggs
Judith Brisby
Dennis Briskin and Trudy Hartman
Steve & Gale Brock
Emilie Talbot Brooks
Denise Brosseau
Ann Brown
Steve & Shelley Brown
Becky Brownson
Barry & Linda Brummer
Eric Bruno
Ginger Bryan
Rachel Bublitz
Stephen & Maureen Buchner
Robert Buckles
David Buttaro
Jesse Caldwell
William and Eleanor Camp
G.R. and Mari Campbell
Donna Campi
Robert & Margaret Cant
Mark Capri
H. Hans Cardenas
Cathy Carlson
Stephen Carney & CW Hobbs
Virginia Carpio
Anita Carter
Danielle Casey Callaghan
Cindy J Castillo
Anna Chalmers
Donald and Judith Chamberlin
Marsha Chan and Terry Yang
Ruth Chang
Jennifer Cheadle
Feodor Chin
Fay Chong
Diane Claussen
Darrah Cloud
Christine Cochrane
David Coffman
Douglas Cohen
Howard J. Cohen
Kimily Conkle
Robert A. Cook
Tracey and John Cook
Susan Cortinas
Jodi Corwin & Irv Duchowny
Michael A. Coulter
Steve Cox
Butch Coyne
Constance Crawford
Robert Creth and David Morse
Jonathan & Anne Cross
Peter & Melanie Cross
Ellen G. Curran
Carol Daeley
Yogen & Peggy Dalal
Don and Zoe Danielson
Cara David
Annette Davide
Linda Davidge
Gordon & Carolyn Davidson
Paula Davis
Vicki Delegeane
Natalia Demko
Douglas Dexter
Paul Diamond
Brenda Dickinson
Lynn Dieckmann
Madeleine Dile
Catherine Dilts
Ken & Sue Dinwiddie
John & Wynne Dobyns
Monica Donovan
Lauren Doyle
Robert Dulsky
Kathleen Eagan
Don Edgar
John Eisner
Neil Elverson
Roberta Emerson
Steve & Pat Emslie
Carla Enfield
Lynne Engelbert
Mr. & Mrs. Robert English
Jane Enright
Judi Eskenazi
Evergreen Valley College
Marie and Eric Evitt
Gwendolyn & Frederick W. Farley, Sr.
Kathleen and Michael Farr
Mike Fatum
Jan M. Fenwick

Toby and Barry Fernald
Deborah M. Ferry
Nancie Fimbel
Ben  Fisher
Elizabeth Flavell
Ann Fleischer
Paul Folena
Jake C. Fong
Debbie Ford-Scriba
Susan & Bill Foster
Randall & Lois Fowkes
Pauline Fox
Diane & Bob Frankle
Nanette & Rich Freedland
Jason S. Freeman
Ellen Fuchs
Carl Fullbright
Berry Giving Fund
Svetlana Furman
Katie Furuyama
Margaret Fuson
Chester Gabriel
Michael Gaffney
Norma Jean Galiher
Suzanne Garadis
Linda Garvey
Thomas Garvey
Heidi Gatty
Virginia Gelczis & Mitchell Diamond
Julie van Gelder
Ingrid Gerstmann
Fred Gertler
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ghiossi
Nancy and John Gilliland
Elizabeth Gioumousis
Katherine Gipsh
Nancy Glasenk
Ed Glazier
Ellen Gold
Lauren Goldfarb
Elaine Goldman
The John & Marcia Goldman Foundation
Diana Goldstein
Gavi Goldstein
Sharon Goodson
Macall Gordon
Jack & Joan Gorham
Diane Gosney & Allison Chang
David and Elodie Laplace-Grangier
Catherine Grant
Renee & Mark Greenstein
Leslie Grimm
Barbara Griswold
Susan Griswold
Suzanne Grodner
Gay Grunfeld
Sandra Gruver and Thomas McNeal
Loretta Guarino-Reid
Carolyn J. Gulledge
Lauren Gunderson and Nathan Wolfe
Susan Haag
Kovin & Toggle Hagan
Mark Hager
Michael Hagerty
Elaine & Eric Hahn
Laura Hale
Harry & Victoria Hambly in memory of Marilyn West
Claudia Hamm
Emeri & Brad Handler
Julia Hartung
Kira Hartz
Ann and Barry Haskell
Judy Winn-Bell & Steve Hayashi
John and Reo Haynes
Mary Ann Healy
Sheryl Heckmann
Tracy Held
Anna Henderson
John Henderson
Mitzi Henderson
Deborah Henken and Martin Kamph
Dan Hiatt
Diane Hildebrand and Rose Salido
Michelle Hills
Annette Hilton
Craig & Deborah Hoffman
Patti Lee-Hoffmann and Steven Hoffmann
Ida J. Holmes
Marian Honig
Gloria and Stan Hoo
Christopher Hourcle
Catherine P. Howard
Nancy Hubbart
Mahlon and Carol Hubenthal
Kathryn Hug
Glenda & Gordon Hughes
Edward Hunter & Michelle Garcia
Jacob Hurwitz
Perry A. Irvine & Linda Romley-Irvine
Doug & Susan Jacobs
Joni Jamin
Bob Johnson
Dean & Lori Johnson
Jeraldine Johnson
Sara Johnson
Richard Johnsson
Carl Jukkola & Desmond Lee
Trinh Kabbabe
Min Kahng
Lois & Rudy Kalafus
Sandi Kane
Anita D. Kapadia & Feronze Taraporevala
Twana & Bruce Karney
H.E. & Pearl Karrer
Mary Ellen and Willliam Kaschub
Corinne Kason
Stephanie Katz
Karen Keefer
Cynthia & Bert Keely
Arthur Keller
Robert Kelley & Ev Shiro
Claire Kelm and Joseph Giammarco
Carol Kersten
Thomas Kessler
Sara Khosrowshahi
Abby C. King
Luba Kipnis
Barbara Kirsch & Bob Feiner
Anna Klay
Carla Klein
Katharine Kleinke
Bruce Koch
Nancy Kollmann
Laura Korbas
Bill & Kathy Korbholz
John A. Kriewall & Elizabeth A. Haehl
John & Catharine Kristian
Kenneth and Shelley Kroopf
Doug, Debbie & Lizzy Kundrat
Emily Kuroda
Woof Kurtzman & Liz Hertz
Winston Lambert Investments
Pamela Lampkin and Bob Zipkin
Lynne Wendy Lampl
Dick & Cathy Lampman
Linda Lappin
Taia Larse
Steve & Cathy Lazarus
Douglas Le Blanc
Brenda Lee
Dan and Shirley Lee
Keith & Karen Lee
Rob and Lucinda Lenicheck
Barry & Ellen Levine
Barbara Lewis
Mark Lewis & Barbara Shapiro
Rebecca Lim
Dean Linnard
Frances E. Liu Fund

Abe Livchitz
Diana Lloyd
Drs. John & Penny Loeb
Marian Lofgren
Sarah Lorber
Stephen Lowens
Ed Lozowicki
Christine Lyon
Howard Lyons in memory of Alicia Rojas
Jason Ma
Margaret Ma
Gail MacGowan
Christina MacIntosh
Robin Magovern
Terry Maher & Echeyde Cubillo
Rosanna Malatesta
Katie Mallinson
Susan Malloy
Richard & Charlene Maltzman
Kevin Manning
Delores Marik
Sarah E. Marino
Jamie Marks
The Marmor Foundation/Drs. Michael & Jane Marmor
Susan Marquis
Charlie & Miriam Marr
Tom & Jane Marshburn
Nancy C. Martin
Joshua Marx
Kathryn Kelly Massa
Dyane Matas and Peter Davies
Jason Matlof
Stan Maupin
Julie McAfee
Marilyn McCarthy
P.M. McCarthy
Ann C. McCarty
Mr. & Mrs. Perry McCarty
Megan McClintock
Elena McCormick
Nancy & Patrick McGaraghan
Leslie McGarry
Edward McGettigan
Gilbert McGlynn
Patrick & Nan McKenna
Michael McKenzie
John and Martha McLaughlin
Bridget McNiel
Marcia Mehl
Debra Mendelson
Menlo Web Design
Keith Amidon & Rani Menon
Sally Mentzer
Debby Meredith & Curtis Cole
Shareen Merriam
Mary Meyer
Sharon & Harris Meyers
Brady and Heidi Mickelsen
Penelope Midlock
Shauna Mika & Rick Callison
Lorna Miles
In memory of Cindy Miller
Lindley and Megan Miller
Nancy Minton
Caroline and Chris Mitchell
Evelyn Mitsunaga
Nancy E. Montague
Betty Montang
Lisa Moore
Monica Moore
Nancy Mori
Mina Morita
John Morris and Rhea Sampson
Kent Morrison
Lisa Morse
Jodi and Richard Muirhead
Leslie & Hy Murveit
Kathryn Mussett
Sydney Mygatt
Alice Naughton
Lalla Neblett
Caitlin Neiman
Zachary Nemirovsky
John & Elsa Nimmo
Nancy Noe
Sharon Noguchi & Larry Bruguera
Peter Nosler
Kris Nunes
Kenneth Oba
Traci Oberman
Helen O’Day
Evren Odcikin
Lizzie O’Hara
Jennifer Oku
Cindy A. Okuji
Christine Oliver
Matthew Paul Olmos
Jessica Owen
Misa Oyama
Wendy Page
Cathy Pai
Allison Paker
Linda and Julian Palmor
Conrad Panganiban
Margaret Paradis
John Parks
Jerry Parsons
Timothy & Jeanne Sakata Patterson
Alan Pattison
Amy Peabody & Brent Ingram
Margaret Perchert
Beth & Charlie Perrell
Les and Louise Persson
Barbara & Michael Peters In Memory of Barbara’s Father
Alexander & Roxanne Petruncola
William Pflaum
Samuel Thomas Picraux
Ken Pier and Sally Ahnger
Janice Pierce
Ronald A. Pike
Philip and Susan Pines
Gene & Elaine Plevyak
Carol Pliner
Andy and Mamie Poggio
Penny L. Pollock
Margie Pomerantz
Anne Potter
Patrice Prentice
Leslie Radin
Emily Radosevich
Mark & Margot Rawlins in honor of Aubrey Rawlins
Pamela Reasner & Mark Cutkosky
Redwood Serenity Fund
Glenn Reed
Karen & John Reis
Lisa Reiss & Conrad Garcia
Bill & Carolyn Reller
Remington Family Trust
Sandra and Richard Remmers
Mrs. Kay Remsen
Barbara and Tim Reynolds
Robin Reynolds
Janice Richards
Judy Richter
Tom Rindfleisch & Carli Scott
Michele Rivard
Teresa Roberts
Jeanie Rosette
In memory of Bridget Ross
Barbara and Greg Rosston
Libby Roth & Ron Katz
Vickie Rozell*
Nancy Rubin
Jessica Russell
Bob and Patty Ryan
Diane Ryan
Kathleen Saenz
Assaf D. Sagi
Elizabeth M. Salzer
Diane Sampson
Philip Santora & Cristian Asher
Giovanna Sardelli
Nicole Sarich
John and Barbara Sawka

Barbara Sawyer
Dorothy Saxe
Loren & Shelley Saxe
Joan Schieber
Susan Schoenung
Anthony Schofield
Gloria Schulz
Francis Schumacher
Linda & Mark Schuman
Bernadine Scoles
Cynthia Sears
William & Sandra Seefeldt
Linda J. Selden
Aliza Selinger
Cynthia Semenoff and Tim Jahnke
Tanya Shaffer
Rachel Shapiro Charitable Fund
Sherril Shapiro & Arthur Levitt
Eric Share
Ann Sharon
Emily Shem-Tov
Eileen Sheridan and David Toth
Susan Shoff
Rebecca G. Shomair
Adam Shonkwiler
Judith M. Siebenthal
Marvin & Bonnie Siegel
Mark Siegel
Melissa Silverman
Steven Singer
Simone Skeels
Lynn Skelton
Crystal Skillman
Michelle Skinner
Karen Skold
Linda Slater
Michael Slind & Bina Patel
Sandy Sloan
Huntington and Carol Small
Alice Smith
Dennis & Ellen Smith
Ellen & Ed Smith
Owen Smith
Robert and Nancy Smith
Richard Smoker
Jacqueline Snell
Rosemary & Dave Snow
Mary & Eddie Solomon
Margaret U. Soublet
Jerome and Sandra Spector
Cherrill M. Spencer
Matt Springer
Denise & Jim Stanford
Harvey Stanley
Sandra Stanley
Margaret and Roy Stehle
Lisa Steinbeck
Bob and Patrice Steiner
Mrigendra Steiner and Baljit VikramSingh
Anna Stepanenko
Anita Stewart
Linda Stewart
Sandra and James Stoecker
Connor Stokes
Mary Stradner
Robert J. Strain
Barbara Sunseri
Jan Swan
Robert Swanson
John & Susan Swensson
Andrea Tanemura
Donna Terman
The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Catherine & Jeff Thermond
Kathy Thibodeaux
Craig & Susie Thom
Odette & Ewart Thomas
Mike & Ann Thompson
Jim Thornton
Helaina Titus
Theresa Titus
Fred & Ellen Tou
Terry Trobough of Connoisseur Coffee
Linda Tyler
Nathan Tysen
Peleus Uhley
Jennifer & Chris Urmson
Marlene Veach
Kris Vecere
Janice Verity
David and Maria Vershel
Suzanne Vershel
Amy and Moses Villarama
Ridley Virdeh
Paul Vlasveld
Kimberly Wadycki
Christine T. Wait
Mark Waite
Arlene Waksberg
Pat Walker
Wendy Wallner
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Walston
Gary & Cathy Walz
Karlette Warner
William H. Warren
Vera A. Warrick
Ann Marie Wasserbauer
Sarah Weatherford
Caroll Webster
Joanne & Lowell Webster
Elaine and Stanley Weiss
Harriet & Frank Weiss
Elissa Wellikson & Tim Shroyer
Richard Wells
Anne M. Westbrook
Bart & Nancy Westcott
Carolyn Westphal
Susan Whited
Richard and Ellen Whitmore
Helen Wiant
Maribeth Willcox
Chris Williams
Tex Williams
Carol Wills
John Wills
Charlene Wiltsee
Bruce Furman and Karen Winkleman-Furman
Caryn & Ben Wiseman in honor of Carey & Josh Pickus
Julie Wissink
Jim Withrow & Karen Mostes-Withrow
Leslie Wolf
Neil & Ann Wolff
Cindy Wolfrum
Scott Wolman
Audrey Wong and David Vossbrink
Brenda Wong
Pamela Wong
Derek Wood
Kathleen & Stan Woods
Wilma Wool
Lorraine Wormald
Bill & Sue Worthington
Mary Wrightson
Leneice N. Wu
Carole Wunderlich
Megan Wygant
Robert G. Wylie
Karen and John Wynbeek
Nicholas Yenson
Emily Young and Steve Braun
Steven & Vicki Young
Olivia Yun
Sheila Yuter
Jill A. Zahner
David Zalatimo
Linda & Joel Zizmor
Anonymous (15)


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