Legacy Giving

Ensure that TheatreWorks will thrive well into the future by making a Legacy Gift!

There are many vehicles to consider that will help you fulfill your financial, retirement, and philanthropic goals. Among them:

  • Wills and Bequests: Remember TheatreWorks in your will for a percentage of your estate or a specific amount, and provide an important legacy for you and your family. For sample bequest information, click here.
  • Retirement Plans:By designating TheatreWorks as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, you might save your heirs from paying income and estate taxes, while TheatreWorks gets the gift tax-free.
  • Charitable Lead Trusts:Create a useful financial situation for your beneficiaries, while helping TheatreWorks and other charities.
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts:Make a gift that will provide a fixed rate of return for a predetermined amount of time. At the conclusion of the term, the remainder becomes a charitable gift to TheatreWorks.
  • Gifts of Life Insurance:Make a gift of all or part of a life insurance policy and generate an income-tax charitable deduction for yourself.

Contact Director of Development, Clayton Shelvin, at 650.463.7135 or legacy@theatreworks.org for information about joining FutureWorks, TheatreWorks’s Legacy Society.


As a Legacy donor to TheatreWorks, you will be offered membership in FutureWorks and you will be invited to exclusive events, and (if you choose) be acknowledged in a place of honor in our program.

If you’ve already designated TheatreWorks as a beneficiary, please notify us today so that we may include you in our upcoming FutureWorks gatherings!

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  • Friends Circle

    • Advocate $1000-$1499
    • Ally $500-$999
    • Patron $50-$499
  • inner circle

    • Director $6500-$9999
    • Associate Director $3500-$6499
    • Assistant Director $1500-$3499
  • producers

    • Visonary $50,000+
    • Executive Producer $25000-$49,999
    • Producer $10,000-$24,999
  • Tickets

  • Donations

  • Funding

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