The Encore Club

To support TheatreWorks throughout the year, join The Encore Club, our monthly and quarterly giving program.

As an Encore Club member, you can spread your support across your yearly budget. At the same time, you’ll qualify for supporter benefits based on your total annual contribution. Automatic payments reduce TheatreWorks’ administrative costs and help us focus on what we do best: creating great theatre. And we won’t need to send you another renewal letter by mail!

Contact Interim Director of Development, Bill Melamed at for information about joining FutureWorks, TheatreWorks’s Legacy Society.

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  • Friends Circle

    • Advocate $1000-$1499
    • Ally $500-$999
    • Patron $50-$499
  • inner circle

    • Director $6500-$9999
    • Associate Director $3500-$6499
    • Assistant Director $1500-$3499
  • producers

    • Visonary $50,000+
    • Executive Producer $25000-$49,999
    • Producer $10,000-$24,999
  • Tickets

  • Donations

  • Funding

Support Arts Engagement

You can make a difference!

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