Oskar Assemblies

Touring School Assemblies

Oskar Returns to Bay Area Schools in 2019!

Tour dates: February 25 - April 5, 2019

For more information or to bring an Oskar performance to your school, contact Katie Bartholomew, Associate Education Director, at 650.463.7154 or kbartholomew@theatreworks.org.  



Choose from two Oskar live touring assemblies:


Written by Prince Gomolvilas

Oskar faces an overwhelming amount of schoolwork, extracurricular activities, social events, and pressure from all around him. As his backpack gets fuller and voices from the outside world get louder, Oskar can’t help but feel like he can’t handle it—any of it! What’s a kid have to do to deal with stress, to take back control, to be resilient? This high-energy show will encourage students to embrace their personal power and to be optimistic about their future.

In this play, Oskar learns that he can bounce back, that he’s awesome…awesomely resilient! Through his journey, students come to understand that they too are good enough, and that they have the ability within themselves to bounce back.

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By Prince Gomolvilas

“It resonates with the students in the crowd and through theatre and humor, the serious topic of bullying is tackled." 
–Tri-City Voice

Oskar and his pals teach your students skills for handling the ever-growing epidemic of bullying that occurs in schools every day. Ideal for grades K–5, Oskar and the Big Bully Battle illustrates how a small schoolyard scuffle can escalate out of control as three elementary students become entangled in a tale about victims, bullies, and what it means to be an UPstander or a BYstander.

Through this show, students learn the same lessons as Oskar: That you always have a choice. Oskar and the Big Bully Battle is an educational story filled with humor, excitement, and imagination that will demonstrate to your students methods of preventing bullying in their community.

Read about Oskar and the Big Bully Battle in the Tri-City Voice.

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The ongoing series of Oskar plays for young audiences has been touring schools throughout the Bay Area since 2006 and has reached more than 100,000 students. The plays—which tackle bullying, resiliency, and empathy—have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from students, teachers, administrators, and parents. While all the Oskar plays deal with their subject matter in a humorous fashion, they have made a serious impact on student behavior.


Additional Shows in the Oskar Series:


By Prince Gomolvilas and Matt Ackels

“With the help of kid-appropriate humor, elaborate costume changes, a vibrant set design, and interaction with the audience, Oskar challenges the complexities of gender expression in a way that children can relate to and have fun with.” 
–Palo Alto Weekly

Ten-year-old Oskar gets to fulfill a lifelong dream of writing and directing a play at his elementary school. But when classmates challenge his rigid ideas about the production’s male and female characters—and who should play whom—everything starts falling apart. Will Oskar solve the backstage brouhaha before opening night? Find out in this fast and funny contemporary farce! 

This comic assembly, which features audience participation, colorful sets, and outrageous costume pieces, was developed by veteran theatre artists and school administrators to help students understand the diversity of gender expression. Gender expression encompasses everything that communicates our gender to others: clothing, hairstyles, mannerisms, how we speak, how we play, and our social interactions and roles. Acceptance, empathy, and personal expression are modeled in this entertaining assembly where, in the end, Oskar discovers that when his friends are allowed to shine for who they are, everyone is happy—and his play is a success!


Read about Oskar and the Countless Costume Changes at Palo Alto Online. 

Oskar and the Countless Costume Changes was invited to present a performance of the assembly in July 2016 at the American Alliance for Theatre & Education Conference, which focused on diversity, allowing educators from across the country to learn about Oskar.