Fun From Home


Sometimes a little bit of fun is all you need. Enjoy videos, pictures, and more created by TheatreWorks staff members, creatives, and you!


Why should humans have all the fun?

This week, Executive Director Phil Santora's cat Grace became the littlest Little Edie from Grey Gardens, and Digital Media Manager Jenny Gosk's chihuahua Pigeon channeled Miss Harriet Smith from Emmain a bonnet we can only describe as fetching.

We'd love to see your take on your own favorite TheatreWorks moments! Click the button below to peruse some photos of productions past, then gather anyone you're sheltering in place with—be they two-legged or four—and let that creativity loose!



We've got another recreated TheatreWorks moment for you, this time courtesy forever TW family member Lorraine and her kids! Do you recognize which show this shot is from?