What are the technology platforms being used?  How will I know if my computer system can run them? 
The presentation of our gala will be presented on a password protected Vimeo live stream. This is the same system that we have presented our TheatreWorks from Home New Works like Shakespeare in Vegas and Pandora and our recording of our staged performance of They Promised Her the Moon. If your internet can accommodate live streams or videos on Vimeo (or other streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and the like), then you will be able to watch our gala. If you have the Vimeo App installed on your phone or tablet then the link should open automatically in the app. If you would like watch on your SmartTV through the Vimeo App you will have to type in the exact web link we send to your email.

I don't want to invite 6 people to my home, how can I include my friends in this event and get them set up to enjoy the evening? 
If you purchase a package for 6, there are a few ways to include others if you are not celebrating together. You will be able to share the broadcast with another home, so that your friends also get to watch the night of events as well. Regarding, the physical components of the packages - the décor, alcohol, appetizers and desserts from Weir, and other items will be delivered either the day prior (October 16) or early in the day of the event, so that there is time for hosts to divide the packages and get items to others if they so choose. (For the Connery tier package – we will be able to accommodate delivering the dinners from LePapillon to up to two different locations if the guests are not all in one home.) 

When and how will food be delivered?  By what time?  How will I get the food to my guests if they are not attending at my house?
The appetizers and desserts from Weir catering will be delivered early in the day on October 17, so that hosts if they so choose, can divide up the food, and choose how they want to get them to their guest. For the Connery tier package – we will be able to accommodate delivering the dinners from LePapillon to up to two different locations if the guests are not all in one home.

To whom do I provide the email addresses and information about my guests?
If you did not include your guests list when you purchased your package, there will be digital forms available on all future emails about the gala where you can register your guests. (Additionally you can email you the guests names and emails to events@theatreworks.org.) 

How do I see the show? What are my options to just see the entertainment part if I do not want a party? 
If you do not want a party package delivered, we are offering the Brosnan package. For $250, you get access to the live stream of the entire night, and you also get two weeknight tickets to a Season 51 TheatreWorks performance, for when we get to go back to having live audiences at the theatre. 

Why should I attend? Where does my support go?
Despite this event being virtual, it is still a completely and uniquely TheatreWorks event, and we hope that the packages delivered to your homes, truly make you feel as you are with us attending the same fun functions that TheatreWorks is known for. Proceeds of this unique event will benefit TheatreWorks Silicon Valley, and all we do for our audience, artists, and students online during this unprecedented break in live performance. Equally important, it will provide a vital bridge to that moment in the not too distant future when we can gather around the metaphorical campfire again to tell tales that inspire, provoke, entertain, and celebrate the human spirit.

Tell me more about the entertainment?
The live stream of the evening will include fun James Bond parody entertainment with musical numbers, live updates on our virtual auction, winners from our pay-to-play guessing games, featured soloists including TheatreWorks fan favorite performers, and a few surprises along the way, all hosted by Emcee Giovanna Sardelli (Associate Artist and Director of New Works.)