New Works Festival Timeline

2002 2003  2004  2005  2006  2007 2008  2009  2010
2011  2012  2013  2014  2015  2016  2017  2018  2019


Book & lyrics by Joe DiPietro

Music & additional lyrics by David Bryan

TheatreWorks Mainstage 2004   

North Shore Music Theatre, MA 2004  

La Jolla Playhouse 2008  

5th Avenue Theatre, Seattle 2009  

Broadway 2009  

Winner of 4 Tony Awards 2010  

National Tour 2011-2013  

West End, London 2014  

Akasaka ACT Theater, Toyko, 2015  

Chapel off Chapel, Australia, 2017  

Porchlight Music Theatre, Chicago, 2017  

4 Olivier award nominations  

The Keegan Theatre, 2020  


The Mistress Cycle

Book & lyrics by Beth Blatt

Music by Jenny Giering

•  Apple Tree Theatre, Chicago 2009


My Ántonia

By Scott Schwartz

Based on the novel by Willa Cather

Original music by Stephen Schwartz

•  TheatreWorks Mainstage 2004

•  Rubicon Theatre Company, Ventura 2008

Baby Taj

By Tanya Shaffer

TheatreWorks Mainstage 2005  



Book by Marsha Norman

Lyrics by Beth Blatt

Music by Jenny Giering

Goodspeed Musicals, CT 2006  


Jerry Christmas

Book by Daniel Goldfarb

Music & lyrics by Andrew Lippa


Striking 12

Book, music, & lyrics by Brendan Milburn, Rachel Sheinkin, & Valerie Vigoda

•  The Old Globe 2003

•  TheatreWorks Mainstage 2004

•  Off-Broadway 2006

Prince Music Theater, Philadelphia 2007

•  Capitol Repertory Company, Albany 2008

•  SpeakEasy, Boston 2010

•  Waterloo East Theatre, London 2010

•  The Laguna Playhouse, Laguna Beach 2014

•  Univeristy of Iowa, 2014

•  Theatre Under the Stars 2015

•  Prospect Theatre, 2016

•  Queensbury Theatre, 2017

•  Union Theatre Company, 2018

Coyote Creek Flat

By David Ford


The Water

Book & lyrics by Jeffery Hylton

Book by Tim Werenko

Music by Georgia Stitt

University of Michigan, 2004  



Party Come Here

Book by Daniel Goldfarb

Music & lyrics by David Kirshenbaum

Williamstown Theatre Festival 2007



By Chay Yew

The Funkentine Rapture

Book by Lee Summers & Ben Blake

Music & lyrics by Lee Summers


Laughing Without an Accent

Written by Firoozeh Dumas

Developed by David Ford



Book by Tara Smith

Music & lyrics by Scott Alan



By Janet Allard

•  Summer Play Festival, NYC 2007

•  Triad Stage, Greensboro, NC 2016



By Gene Lewin, Brendan Milburn, & Valerie Vigoda

•  TheatreWorks Mainstage 2012

American Klepto

By Allison Moore


Asphalt Beach 

Book by Peter Spears & T.C. Smith

Music & lyrics by Andrew Lippa



Book, lyrics, & music by Paul Gordon

TheatreWorks Mainstage 2007  

Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park 2008  

Repertory Theatre of St. Louis 2008  

The Old Globe 2011  

Arizona Theatre Company 2012  

TheatreWorks Mainstage 2015  

Chance Theatre, 2018  

Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, 2020  

Ensemble Theatre Company, 2020  


Big Red Sun

Book by John Jiler

Music & lyrics by Georgia Stitt

•  11th Hour Theatre Co, Philadelphia 2018 


The Drunken City

By Adam Bock

•  Playwrights Horizons, NYC 2008

•  Steppenwolf, Chicago 2013

•  Duke City Repertory Theatre, 2016


Mezzulah, 1946

By Michele Lowe

•  City Theatre, Pittsburgh 2007

•  Florida Stage 2008


Something’s Wrong with Amandine

Book by Winter Miller

Music by Lance Horne           

The Burnt Part Boys

Book by Mariana Elder

Lyrics by Nathan Tysen

Music by Chris Miller

Vineyard Theatre and Playwrights Horizons, co-production NYC 2009  

Third Street Theatre/West Coast Ensemble, Los Angeles 2013  

Eagle Theatre, New Jersey, 2019  


These Shining Lives

By Melanie Marnich

CenterStage Baltimore 2008  

Stoneham Theatre, Stoneham, MA 2013  

Ross Valley Players, 2019  


Writing Arthur

Book, music & lyrics by David Austin

Additional story development by Jennifer Maloney



By Bill Cain

•  Oregon Shakespeare Festival 2009

•  Seattle Repertory Theatre 2009

•  Marin Theatre Company 2009

•  Geffen Playhouse 2009

•  Manhattan Theatre Company 2010

•  Arena Stage 2012

•  Victory Gardens Theater 2012

•  Belfry Theatre, Victoria , BC 2014

•  Circa Theatre, New Zealand 2014

•  Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum 2014

•  Colorado Shakespeare Festival 2016

•  American Shakespeare Center, Virginia, 2018

•  Actors’ Shakespeare Project, Massachusetts, 2018

•  Silver Spring Stage, 2019

•  The Kavinoky Theatre, 2019

Creating Claire

By Joe DiPietro

Cape Cod Theatre Project 2009  

George Street Playhouse 2010  



Book by Todd Almond

Music & lyrics by Matthew Sweet

Berkeley Repertory Theatre 2010  

Actors Theatre of Louisville 2013  

Center Theatre Group, LA 2015  

Signature Theatre, Washington, DC 2018  

Diversionary Theatre, 2019  



By Bess Wohl

•  Pioneer Theatre Company 2009

•  Williamstown Theatre Festival 2011



Book & lyrics by Sam Carner

Music by Derek Gregor

•  Prospect Theater Company NYC 2013

•  Queensbury Theatre, Texas, 2018

•  University of Southern Maine, 2019

The North Pool

By Rajiv Joseph

TheatreWorks Mainstage 2011  

Barrington Stage Company 2012  

Winner of the Glickman Award for Best Play 2011  

Off-Broadway Vineyard Theatre 2013  

Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park 2014  

Bread and Butter Theatre, 2019  

The Dragon Theatre, 2017  


The Sparrow and The Birdman

By Raquel Bitton and Chris Smith


Tales from the Bad Years

By Kait Kerrigan and Bree Lowdermilk


Auctioning the Ainsleys

By Laura Schellhardt

•  TheatreWorks Mainstage 2010

•  Dog and Pony Theatre, Chicago 2010

•  Theatre 502, Louisville 2013

•  People’s Light, Pennsylvania 2015

•  Bristol Riverside Theatre, 2013


Ernest Shackleton Loves Me

Book by Joe DiPietro

Music by Brendan Milburn

Lyrics by Valerie Vigoda

•  Balagan Theatre/Seattle Repertory Theatre, Seattle 2014

•  George Street Playhouse, New Brunswick, New Jersey 2015

•  Off-Broadway 2017



Book & lyrics by Darrah Cloud

Music by Kim D. Sherman

Fly By Night

Conceived by Kim Rosenstock

By Will Connolly, Michael Mitnick, & Kim Rosenstock

TheatreWorks Mainstage 2011  

Dallas Theatre Center 2013  

Playwrights Horizon 2014  

Broadway Rose Theatre Co, OR 2016  

Jungle Theatre, Minneapolis 2017  

Ensemble Theatre, Ohio, 2018  

1st Stage, 2018  

Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre, 2016  

Runway Theatre, 2019  


Great Wall

Book by Kevin Merritt

Music & lyrics by Kevin So


Variations on a Theme

By Anna Ziegler


How To Write a New Book for the Bible

By Bill Cain

•  Berkeley Repertory Theatre and Seattle Repertory Theatre, co-production 2011

•  Pacific Theatre, Canadian Premiere 2012

•  South Coast Repertory 2012

•  Round House Theatre 2013

•  Pacific Theatre, Vancouver, BC 2013

•  People’s Light, Pennsylvania 2015

•  Next Act Theatre, Wisconsin, 2019


Red Clay

Book & lyrics by Jeff Hughes

Music by Scott Ethier

Little Rock

By Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj 

Passage Theatre, 2014 

Off-Broadway, 2018 •  

The Sheen Center for Thought & Culture, NYC 2018 •  


The Giver

Book & lyrics by Nathan Christensen

Music by Scott Murphy


Up North

By Joe Tracz


Upright Grand

By Laura Schellhardt

•  TheatreWorks Mainstage 2012

•  Citadel Theatre Company, 2017


Wild With Happy

By Colman Domingo

•  Public Theatre, NYC 2012

•  TheatreWorks Mainstage 2013

•  CenterStage Baltimore 2014

•  City Theatre, Pittsburgh 2017


Music by Curtis Moore

Lyrics by Thomas Mizer

Book by Thomas Mizer, Curtis Moore, and Joshua Scher

Lyric Theatre, Oklahoma City 2014  

TheatreWorks Mainstage 2015  


The Trouble with Doug

Music by Will Aronson

Lyrics by Daniel Maté

Book by Will Aronson and Daniel Maté

Inspired by Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

Arts Garage, Delray Beach, FL 2014  

Fredericia Teater, Denmark 2017  


Being Earnest

Music by Paul Gordon and Jay Gruska

Book and Lyrics by Paul Gordon

From the play by Oscar Wilde

•  TheatreWorks Mainstage 2013


The Loudest Man on Earth

By Catherine Rush

•  TheatreWorks Mainstage 2013


Sleeping Rough

By Kara Manning

•  Page 73, NYC 2013


Book and Lyrics by James D. Sasser

Music and Lyrics by Charles Vincent Burwell

Based on the independent film Cubamor by Joshua Bee Alafia

Village Theatre, Issaquah, WA 2016  


Gather at the River

By Laura Marks


The Great Pretender

By David West Read

•  TheatreWorks Mainstage 2014

 •  Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Award, Best Original Script 2014


Mrs. Hughes

Music & Lyrics by Sharon Kenny

Book by Janine Nabers



By Beth Henley

•  Studio Theatre, Washington, D.C. 2015

•  Loyola Marymount University, 2018

Norman Rockwell’s America

Book by Lynne Kaufman

Music & Lyrics by Alex Mandel


The Disappearing Man

Music, Lyrics, & Book by Jahn Sood


Describe the Night

By Rajiv Joseph

Alley Theatre, Houston, TX 2017  

Atlantic Theatre, New York 2017  

Hampstead Theatre, London, 2018  

Obie Award, Best New American Play 2018  

Wooly Mammoth Theatre Company, 2019  

Wilma Theater, 2020  


An Entomologist’s Love Story

By Melissa Ross

•  San Francisco Playhouse 2018 


tokyo fish story

By Kimber Lee

•  South Coast Repertory 2015

•  TheatreWorks Mainstage 2016

•  The Old Globe 2016


One Woman Show

(Late night extra)

By Shakina Nayfack

Marie and Rosetta

By George Brant

Atlantic Theater Company Fall 2016  • 

Cleveland Playhouse 2018   

Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park 2018   

Detriot Public Theatre 2018   

TheatreWorks Mainstage 2019   

Cygnet Theatre, San Diego 2019  

Park Square Theatre, 2018  

Southwest Arts Center, 2020  

Greater Boston Stage Company, 2019  

University of Washington in St. Louis, Presented by The Black Rep, 2020  

Vermont Stage, 2020  


The Man in the Ceiling

Music & Lyrics by Andrew Lippa

Book by Jules Feiffer

Bay Street  Theater 2017   


Man and Beast

By Lynn Rosen


The There There

By Jason Gray Platt



By Suzanne Bradbeer

•  TheatreWorks Mainstage 2016


The Paper Raincoat

(Late night extra)

Music, Book, and Lyrics by Alex Wong, Amber Rubarth, and Devon Copley

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Music & Lyrics by Neil Bartram

Book by Brian Hill

Delaware Theatre Company 2017  


The Four Immigrants: An American Musical Manga

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Min Kahng

TheatreWorks Main Stage 2017  


The Black Cat that Isn't There


By Rajiv Joseph


Eddie the Marvelous, Who Will Save the World

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Kate Kilbane and Dan Moses



By Rajiv Joseph

•  Center Theatre Group 2017

•  TheatreWorks Mainstage 2019


I Enter the Valley

By Dipika Guha



(Next Gen Event)

By Joel Chapman, Weston Gaylord, Matt Herrero,
Jessia Hoffman, and Ken Savage

My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding

Book & Music by David Hein & Irene Sankoff

Directed by David Leon Lowenstein


Deal with the Dragon

Written & Performed by Kevin Rolston

Developed with & Directed by M. Graham Smith

New Conservatory Theatre Center, San Francisco, 2017  


Tiny Houses

By Stefanie Zadravec

Directed by Giovanna Sardelli


Open Rehearsal of Waiting For Next

(Next Gen Event)

By Jeffrey Lo



3 Farids

By Ramiz Monsef

Directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh

Past Present Future

By David Stenn

Featuring the songs of the Shangri-Las

Directed by Lisa Peterson


(Late night extra)

Created & Performed by Jen Jamula & Allison Goldberg


The Secret Life of Clowns


By Jeff Razz

Born in East Berlin

By Rogelio Martinez


Pride and Prejudice

Book, Music, & Lyrics by Paul Gordon

Based on the Novel by Jane Austen

Directed by Robert Kelley 

TheatreWorks Mainstage, 2019  




Susan Bradbeer


The Kilbanes: Rock ‘n’ Roll ‘n’ More

(Late night extra)



They Promised Her The Moon

By Laurel Ollstein

Directed by Giovanna Sardelli

•  Old Globe, San Diego, 2019

•  TheatreWorks Mainstage, 2020


Once upon a rhyme

Book, Lyrics, & Music by Ronvé O’Daniel

Music by Jevares C. Myrick

Director/Story Consultant J Kyle Manzay



(Next Gen Event)

By Michael Najar


Something to Say: New Plays by Women

(Special Event)

By Suzanne Bradbeer, Dipika Guha, Patricia Cotter, Syche Phillips, Velina Hasu Houston, and Geetha Reedy


Music and Book by Chris Miller

Book and Lyrics by Nathan Tysen

Directed by Kent Nicholson

Musical direction by William Liberatore

Based on the short story Eric Hermannson’s Soul by Willa Cather

Co-commission with Playwrights Horizons, New York


Iron John

Book & Lyrics by Rebecca Hart

Book and Music by Jacinth Greywoode

Directed by Ken Savage

Musical direction by Sarah Hirsch



Nan and the Lower Body

By Jessica Dickey

Directed by Giovanna Sardelli



The Imperialists

By Lynn Rosen

Directed by Christian Parker



By Kait Kerrigan

Directed by Jessica Bird Beza


Storytelling: The Agony and the Ecstasy

(Keynote Address)

By Amy Ayoub