Attracting theatre lovers from across the country, TheatreWorks’ New Works Festival is the artistic highlight of the summer. An extraordinary opportunity to experience new plays and musicals in their early stages of development, the Festival has launched many new works onto TheatreWorks’ mainstage and on to productions nationally.

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Festival Pass

$49 for Subscribers
$65 for Non-Subscribers

8/12 @ 8pm • 8/16 @ 8pm • 8/19 @ 8pm

A musical valentine to a woman who changed everything in her life, and her family along with it.

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8/13 @ 7pm • 8/17 @ 8pm • 8/20 @ 7pm

Groundbreaking 1960s "bad girl" group The Shangri-Las charted the heartbreak of teenhood. Their mysterious end is solved for the first time in this American musical journey.

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8/18 @ 7:30pm • 8/20 @ 3pm

Bold physical comedy highlights this journey to a hilarious but intractable Land of La. Contains mature language.

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8/15 @ 8pm • 8/19 @ 4pm

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-17 was shot down over Ukraine in July 2014. This intriguing, tense, often funny drama explores the lives touched—and changed—by one of the defining events of our times. Contains mature language.

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8/18 @ 10pm

Blogologues is a bold, Internet-inspired, sketch-based extravaganza that brings Tinder messages, Amazon reviews, fake news, astonishing tweets, and much more to life on stage completely verbatim. Don’t miss this goldmine of NSFW online laughter.

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8/13 @ 3:00pm • 8/19 @ 12 noon

Wittily blending and subverting a coming-out story, ancient fable, and sordid confessional, it is a big-themed and sophisticated solo show for mature audiences.

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8/11 @ 8pm

A behind-the-scenes peek at the world of big-time circus and insights into his ongoing celebration of all that is different, and odd, about each of us.

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8/12 @ 4:30pm

Version 1 is the latest draft. Version 2 will be a revision hot off the press. And yet-to-come Version 3 will only be written after we hear from you!

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8/20 @ 12 noon

Bring your questions and be a part of the conversation with writers who are shaping the theatre landscape of tomorrow.

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