A Transparent Update on our Progress and Action Steps


Updated September 28, 2020

Here are the steps that we have put in place to build a deeper and longer commitment to change and systematically do this work.

  • We have shared the demands and valid issues brought forth by We See You White American Theatre with our full Board, our entire leadership team, and our IDEA Collective.
  • We are working at the staff and board levels to prioritize these demands and issues to implement policies and procedures and cultural changes we need to make to move us toward an anti-racist future.
  • We will host a retreat with our full Board dedicated to this topic in November.
  • We have retained an experienced consultant to provide facilitation and training of anti-racism and inclusion, diversity, equity, and access work.
  • We are building on the work of our IDEA Collective to rigorously look at the policies and procedures that we need to reevaluate in order to make meaningful change.
  • We have created the new staff position: Director of Community Partnerships, which will create long-term, trust-based, and reciprocal relationships with BIPOC and under-represented communities throughout Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, and beyond.
  • We have launched initiatives to build online programming that shines light on social justice and racial equity. We will continue to deepen and grow these programs moving forward.